When you’re really bored, and have nothing to do, you watch a movie… and that’s what i ended up doing. decided to go and rent Shanghai Kiss… it was pretty good… Ken Leung is a funny guy… I thought I saw him somewhere before, so i looked him up at imdb, after the movie… Turns out he was the bad guy in Rush Hour. He reminds me of Bruce Lee, in this movie, when he was doing some kung fu. And he was also in The Family Man as the store clerk at the beginning of the movie.

I feel like I can relate to his role in Shanghai Kiss. The movie is about an Asian-American living in the US, trying to make a living; then he is forced to go back to China to retrace his roots. He then realized that his home was really in America…

I thought it was a good movie, because you really don’t see movies about asian guys, especially dating different race.

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