Cisco Mailguard

Cisco mailguard blocking certain emails from Appriver; Does Not Allow Certain Commands over Telnet

Exchange 2010 Error:

451 4.7.0 Timeout waiting for client input

Cisco ASA Error:

Inspect: esmtp _default_esmtp_map, packet 286302, lock fail 0, drop 130, reset-drop 0, 5-min-pkt-rate 0 pkts/sec, v6-fail-close 0

mask-banner, count 1720

allow-tls, count 143

match cmd line length gt 512

drop-connection log, packet 0

match cmd RCPT count gt 100

drop-connection log, packet 0

match body line length gt 998

log, packet 85

match header line length gt 998

drop-connection log, packet 130

match sender-address length gt 320

drop-connection log, packet 0

match MIME filename length gt 255

drop-connection log, packet 0

match ehlo-reply-parameter others

mask, packet 227

command to disable default policy map on ASA:

policy-map global_policy

class inspection_default

No Inspect esmtp




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